Madison West 1 is the footprint of the city of Madison, Wisconsin on Earth West 1.[1][2]


In 2015, there were waist-deep prairie flowers here and a stand of hundred-foot-tall trees. The sky was blue and clear of contrails and smog.[1]

Half a year later, Madison West 1 was much the same, although some clearings had been made: householders extending their properties, entrepreneurs exploiting the new world, or official presences establishing stepwise annexes to their princible buildings.

On such clearing contained a small Madison Police Department wooden shack. It had the MPD crest on the door, and low bench outside to sit on while you recover from the stepping nausea. The Stars and Stripes hung from a stripped sapling.

It was said that already smoky smog could be seen in the sky on very still days.[2]

The Long Earth

The day before Step Day, Madison police officer Monica Jansson looked around Willis Linsay's burned-down house. She discovered a prototype Stepper, completed it, and stepped into into Madison West 1.[1]

Six months later Monica returned here to a shack owned by the MPD, for a meeting with Lieutenant Clichy. At this time there was talk of laying down a network of old phone lines.[2]


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