Louise Irwin was a Lieutenant in the US Navy and was trained as a psychiatrist before she thought she needed more excitement in her life.[1]


She's described as having greying blonde hair and as being forty-ish.[1]

The Long Mars

In May 2045, she welcomed Nelson Azikiwe at the USLONGCOM's Pearl Harbor facility where the Next were held captive when he came to visit, under fake credentials, Paul Spencer Wagoner.[1]

Her role was to study the Next to ascertain that they were not a threat to national security.

At the end of August of the same year, when the Next crisis blew up, following the return of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II and the USS Eugene A. Cernan from their trip with the Napoleons in custody, Louise was summoned by the 'Special Contingency Task Group' to explain to them what was learned from the study of the Next imprisoned in the Pearl Harbor facility.[2]


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