Tutotrial to teach how to link to another page's section like this : Click this to be magically transported to the Long War section.

First of all, I personally prefer the classic editor so all this tutorial will be done using it.


Once in the editor, I go to "Source" tab and here is the source code of the page in all its glory.

Then use the following code (let's stick to the Timeline example) : [[Timeline#The Long War|Click this to be magically transported to the Long War section]]

The first part is the page name, then after the # is the name of the section you want the link to point to, and finally, last part is the name you want the link to display.

I've discovered this trick quite recently so now I try to link the dates to the corresponding section of the Timeline page.

N.B. : It is rather obvious that the page you're linking to must have at least one section.

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