“They all know each other. They swap information. The trolls have their long call. With the kobolds it's more like the long snitch.”
   — Sally Linsay

Kobolds, old German name for mine-spirit, are a type of heavily built, but short elf. They are able to step, and some speak english. Many, like Finn McCool, trade with other species, and are obsessed with human culture. They are also sometimes called by humans "ringtails" or "urban foxes".[1]

They sold iron-making, the wheel and advanced weapons to the beagles, thus multiplying the destruction of the numerous wars fought on Earth West 1,617,524.[2] Kobolds also sometimes came through New Springfield, trying to trade.[3]

They appear to be able to use the soft places.[4] Like most of the stepping humanoids, kobolds are not found beyond the Gap.[5]


The kobolds have a robust anatomy and hands and feet that are adapted for digging into the Earth. Which, in Professor Wotan Ulm's opinion, indicates a subterranean origin.[6]

They are often described as looking like human-sized mole-like humanoids but with chimp's faces.[7][8][9]

Kobold society

The kobolds prefer to fight barehanded and their blows can be lethal.[4]

They swap information with each other and sell it to the highest bidder.[10]


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