“Telling Ken a bit of news like that was a good as hiring a skywriter, Nelson knew.”
   — Nelson Azikiwe on Ken

Ken is one of Nelson Azikiwe's parishioners.[1]

Now a sheperd, he used to be a lecturer at the University of Bath before changing his lifestyle after Step Day.


Ken is described by Nelson as a suntanned and rugged man.[1]

The Long War

In March 2040, Nelson was visiting Ken on his farm, just one step away from the Datum, as he was carrying a ewe on his shoulder to a stepwise England where goats, sheep and Joy, Ken's dog were waiting.

Nelson soon joined him and found himself in a clearing surrounded by a forest of big old trees.

There, after talking about Ken's livestock, Nelson told Ken about his plans to leave the parish in search of the 'Lobsang Project'.


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