“What's this? An invasion?”
   — Katie Bergreen on the militaries who showed up in Reboot wearing combat gear

Katie Bergreen, née Green, was the daughter of Jack and Tilda Green.[1]


Like most of her siblings, she had her mother's strawberry-blonde hair.[2]

The Long Earth

Katie was Helen Valienté's older sister, she followed her family during their journey across the Long Earth to Earth West 101,754 where, with other people, they founded Reboot in 2026.[3][4]

The Long War

Between 2028 and 2030, she got married to Harry Bergreen. They brought forward their wedding to make sure Katie's mother, who was ill, was still around to attend the ceremony.[5]

In 2040, she still lived in Reboot and disapproved of the rest of the family moving out.[6]

In May 2040, she was walking around town when she ran into Bill Lovell who were guiding around the stranded crew of the USS Benjamin Franklin and who asked her if she could guide the militaries to her father's place.[2]

The Long Utopia

In The Long Utopia, we learn from her fathers that she had several daughters.[5]


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