Jules Van Herp (born in Datum Quebec) worked for the Next and was one of the few humans to know how to reach the Grange.[1]


Jules looked to be around twenty-five when he came to Miami West 4 to get Stan Berg and Rocky Lewis.[1]

For the occasion, he was wearing a battered wide-brimmed hat, leather jacket, scuffed jeans and heavy-duty moccasins. He also had a rolled-up whip, a Stepper box and a handgun.

Later, at the Grange, he was wearing a loose waistcoat, a loincloth and a belt with straps for tools.[2]

The Long Utopia

Around 2057, Stan Berg was identified as a Next and was approached by Roberta Golding.[3][4] Stan agreed to be brought to the Grange to see what it was like and if he would like to stay there among his kind.

In September 2057, Jules, who was working for the Next and was one of the only humans to know about the Grange's location, came to pick up Stan and his best friend Rocky Lewis at the Berg's house a few months after Roberta's visit.

Together, they stepped to the footprint of Miami on Earth West 10 where Roberta and Marvin Lovelace were waiting for them.

Then, led by Roberta, they stepped through a lot of soft places until they reached the Grange.[2]

Once there, Roberta and Jules went off their own way while Marvin took Stan and Rocky to the house where they would be staying.

The next morning, Jules donned a more Next-like outfit and joined a group of Next digging a drainage ditch. He later caught up with Roberta, who was showing the local 'school' to Stan and Rocky.

Roberta thanked Jules to join in on the effort and Jules, pleased, tried to say something in quicktalk. Stan stared at him in disgust and compared Jules to a kobold, trying to get the Next's approval the same way kobolds were trying to act like humans.

This made Jules upset but he said nothing, hoping Roberta would defend him. Then Stan snapped at Roberta, evidently disappointed at what he has seen at the Grange so far, took Rocky's hand and stepped away through a soft place.


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