“Bottom line, Mr Valienté: our citizens must be protected, even from being dumb, which is not a crime. Good heavens, if it was, the jails would never empty. Especiallly here in DC.”
   — Jim Starling

Jim Starling was a Senator and his now the President of the United States.[1]

In 2040, his main support base were people who despised the colonies and gun enthusiats.[2]

Jim's office itself is adorned with trophies of rare species, showing that his armoury is well furnished and that he's not afraid to use it.

The Long War

In 2040, Jim is a US Senator.[1] Around spring 2040, and after the incident at the Gap with Mary the troll, relations between humans and trolls are starting to deteriorate.[3][4]

This is why Joshua Valienté and Bill Chambers came all the way from Hell-Knows-Where on Earth West 1,397,426 to Datum Washington DC to meet up with Jim and convince him to draw a protective bill for trolls, much to Marlon Jackson's, Jim's aide, surprise since he deleted the entry from the agenda but it somehow got reinserted again.[2]

In the end, Jim refused to take the protection of trolls in front of the Senate arguing that they were dangerous animals, even citing a list of incidents involving trolls, and that the protection of the citizens was the top priority.

In the months after, with incidents between humans and trolls occuring more and more as mankind spread across the Long Earth, the trolls came to the decision that they had to withdraw from the Earth with humans and drifted away.[5][6]

By September 2040, after Joshua and Bill travelled across the Long Earth to find the trolls and apologize in the name of mankind, the trolls are slowly coming back on the Low Earths and Jim is suddenly a supporter of the troll cause and always have been.[7]

The Long Mars

In May 2041, he appears alongside President Cowley and Douglas Black during the inauguration of the new Capitol in Madison West 5.[8]

The Long Utopia

Jim is now the President of the United States.


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