Jez Berg was the father of Stan Berg.[1] He lived in Miami West 4 and worked for the Long Earth Trading Company as a stalk jack.[2]

The Long Utopia

Stan, Jez's son, was a Next.[3] As a result, the Bergs were approached by Roberta Golding who wanted to take Stan to the Grange to see if he would like to live there while Jez was stuck in the orbital anchor station of the space elevator.[2]

After his visit to the Grange, Stan had changed.[4] He started to preach all around the construction site and started to attract the attention of several people. Because of all the trouble his son steered, Jez didn't want to see him anymore.[5]

Later, when Stan gave his life to save the Long Earth from the treat of the silver beetles, Jez wasn't even there to say goodbye to his boy.[6]


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