“Actually it's probably in the wrong, umm, fucking world Lieutenant,[...] Or I'd be picking up its bleep by now.”
   — Jennifer Wang on the missing equipment

Colonel Jennifer Wang was an US Marine who travelled aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin during Operation Prodigal Son and was later in charge of the chalk of marines travelling aboard the USS Brian Cowley.[1][2]


Little is known about Jennifer's appearance except that she is of Chinese descent.[3]

The Long War


In early May 2040, Jennifer was a Specialist and among the group who got stranded in the forest surrounding Reboot on Earth West 101,754 with no equipment (which got dropped at Earth West 101,752).[1]

They were led to Reboot by Bill Lovell, who just happened to come back from fishing, and then to Jack Green's house by his daughter.[1]

Time with the trolls

During the Franklin's stay at New Melfield, where they got delivered the troll-call by a passing twain, Jennifer got time to try the troll-call and spent a lot of time talking with Carl who told her she was "far from home" (her grandparents came from China).[3]

March on Valhalla

In July 2040 she was among the armed Marines that escorted the Navy senior officers on their march to Valhalla's city hall.

There, they found an empty city. They marched until they reached the square in front of the city hall when people arrived by stepping bearing picnic baskets, fish, cakes. Jennifer tried to cut a path across the crowd for the militaries but was helpless in front of this passive resistance.

In the end, Jack Green introduced himself to Amiral Davidson, the head of the USLONGCOM, stating that they won't be able to accomplish much today and led him to the mayor's office, ending the conflict.[4]

The Long Utopia

“Yes, ma'am, just another routine day here at Bug Central.”
   — Jennifer Wang on the Planetarium

In 2058, Jennifer was now a Colonel and in charge of the chalk of marines travelling aboard the USS Brian Cowley when the ship was called to the town of New Springfield on Earth West 1,217,754.[2]

She was among the party of marines and scientists who were working on the Planetarium wearing body armour and a facemask.[5]


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