“Chuck Berry. My dad's favourite. Mint stuff, even if it's like a hundred years old, or something.”
   — Jason Santorini on the music Jennifer Wang picked up on her radio when searching for their equipement

Jason Santorini was a midshipman aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin and is now a midshipman on the USS Neil A. Armstrong II.[1][2]

The Long War

In 2040, Jason part of the Franklins crew as a midshipman. In May 2040, he was part of the small group that got stranded without their equipment on the outskirts of Reboot.[1]

During their journey, around seven hundred thousand steps from Datum Earth, their encountered a wannabe silver miner who got trapped in his mine shaft. Jason, having spent some of his early years caving managed to rescue him and was rewarded a lunch at Captain Kauffman's table.[3]

He also took part in the ship's stop at Cracked Rock where an incident involving trolls occured and ended up with Carl, the young troll travelling with them, made part of the crew.[4]

The Long Mars

In 2045, Jason was part of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II's crew. Described as a resevoir of common sense by Maggie Kauffman, he was tasked, among other things, to organize social events with the troll family onboard (Jake, Marjorie and Carl) and created briefing packages to explain how useful the trolls have been on the Franklin.[2]

He also took part in the expediton on Earth West 17,297,031, the Earth with a crab civilization, and was assigned as an informal companion to Snowy.[5]


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