Jared Orgill is a ten years old boy from Austin Texas who, like Joshua Valienté, is a natural stepper.[1]

The Long Earth

Jared's story is told by Lobsang, after Joshua ask for more information about modern-day natural steppers.

Jared and his friends set out to play a game of Jack in the Box. He got inside an old fridge with his Stepper box and his friends trapped him inside by flipping it around so its weight would trap the door closed.

Unfortunately for young Jared, he fell on his Stepper and broke it when the fridge landed. After unsuccessful attempts to make the Stepper work, he started to panic. Finally exhausted, he tried to fix the Stepper by visualising the circuit diagram of the Stepper and stepped.

He managed to step back to Datum Earth and find his parents but, since he disappeared for a long time, they had called the authorities who noticed the smashed Stepper.

He was then kept off school for medical checks and in counselling by 'experts' in stepping and in the Long Earth.

After that, the whole story was buried by the US government and the files were classified.

The Long Utopia

It is revealed in The Long Utopia that Jared comes from a family that possess a high probability to give birth to natural steppers since the name Orgill appeared in Oswald Hackett's list of family names submitted to the Fund.


  1. The Long Earth - Chapter 24

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