“This alive person / close to dead / gone away / person was and is not / song of sadness.”
   — Jake on Brother Geoffrey

Jake was a troll who traveled on the USS Benjamin Franklin with Maggie Kauffman.[1]

The Long War

In 2040, when Maggie Kauffman, Captain of the USS Benjamin Franklin, was convinced by Sally Linsay to embark trolls aboard her ship, she asked Joe Mackenzie to find a troll expert.[2]

It took him a couple of days searching on the outernet to come up him a number of universities who had studied trolls in the wild. This proved too dry to Maggie who preferred people who lived with trolls and didn't know them just as test subjects.[1]

This is how she ended up in Madison West 5, at a rescue center ran by Dr Christopher Pagel and his wife where they were using an extended family of trolls to help with the business. There she learned a lot about the trolls and, in the end, brought back a family of three trolls, named Jake, Marjorie and Carl by the Pagels, with her on the Franklin.

Around June 2040, the twain was summoned to the town of New Purity, which was attacked recently by elves. This assault resulted in the death of several members of the Uncut Brethren, elves and some trolls who were just passing by and got caught in the crossfire since the locals didn't know how to differenciate elves and trolls.

Jake, thanks to the troll-call held by Nathan Boss, was able to convince the surviving members of the local community that trolls were not just animals and were capable of having thoughts when he indirectly told Maggie that Brother Geoffrey was mourning someone.[3]

The Long Mars

In January 2045, Jake was present on the launch of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II in Madison West 5, along with Marjorie and Carl, even if they didn't like being in the crowded Low Earths.[4]


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