“How about the trolls? Nobody can be unhappy around a troll. Shall we go see them?”
   — Jacques Montecute

Jacques Montecute was originally from Happy Landings, but moved to Valhalla, where he became the headmaster of a school, that Roberta Golding, also from Happy Landings went to.[1] He was the great-grandson of Kitty and François Montecute.


During The Long War he was aged about thirty, was described as looking slender and slightly severe.[1]

At Lobsang and Sister Agnes' garden party, he is described as a slim, shy-looking, youngish man and his attire as "alternate eighteenth-century" by Monica Jansson.[2]

The Long War

In 2040, he took part in the East Twenty Million mission aboard the Zheng He to supervize Roberta since she won some kind of scholarship and was sent there as a gesture of good faith between the Datum government and the newly created Federated Republic of China.[1][3]

As they passed Earth East 15,000,000, the Earths looked more and more like barren landscapes with no life on the ground and Roberta spent more and more of her time in her cabin to integrate the flood of data or around the trolls.[4] At this, Jacques felt a stab of guilt for exposing Roberta, who were just fifteen, to all the overwhelming data from their expedition across the Long Earth.

On July 6th, 2040, the Zheng He and the Liu Yang finally reached Earth East 20,000,000. A party was organized but Chen Zhong, the Captain of the Zheng He felt that his moment of glory was spoiled by Roberta's lack of enthusiasm and accused her of feeling superior to everyone. Roberta then started crying and ran to her room. The next day, Jacques came to her and discovered that she was crying because of the crest-roos, a species of reptilian-mammals they encountered on Earth East 2,201,749 and were wiped out by a hypercane.

And then, comforted her by taking her to see the trolls on the observation deck.

On September 8th, 2040, Jacques and Roberta can be seen at Lobsang and Sister Agnes' garden party on Madison West 11.[2]


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