“Wear that at all times, or our security killer-robots will zap you with their laser-beam eyes.”
   — Hiroe on the badge she handed to Joshua Valienté

Hiroe is an employee of the transEarth Institute.[1]

She sees herself as more than just an employee and considers herself as a friend of Lobsang.[2]


She is described as a young bespectacled lady and she is Asian. Sister Agnes suspects that she might be Japananese.[1]

Joshua described her as small and dark and wearing the largest spectacles he had ever seen.[2]

The Long War

When Agnes was brought back to life, she woke up in Sweden in the headquarter of a medical subsidiary of Black Corporation. She was welcomed by Hiroe who brought her bacon and eggs on a tray and then lead her to Lobsang's study.[1]

In June 2040, three weeks after Sally Linsay broke out the trolls from the GapSpace facility, when Joshua Valienté was summoned by Lobsang to a transEarth Institute compound on the outskirts of Madison West 10.

There, Joshua was greeted by Hiroe who brought him to her office and got him through security and then to Lobsang himself.[2]


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