Henry is young man living in Happy Landings.[1] Raised among Amish, he accidentally stepped into a soft place and landed in Happy Landings.

It takes an intense interest in the size of the townships for, back home, his people had always reckoned that around a hundred and fifty was just the right size for a caring community.

Because of his Amish background, he believes that he died and Happy Landings is, if not heaven, a staging post for the journey onwards.

He is described as a good husbandman, gentle around animals and fond of trolls.

The Long Earth

Henry was invited aboard the Mark Twain, with a few trolls, at Lobsang's request to help calm the trolls.

Upon entering the twain, he believed he was finally ascending to heaven and speaking with God in the person of Lobsang.


  1. The Long Earth - Chapter 39

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