Harry Ryan is a commander in the US Navy and served as the chief engineer aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin then on the USS Neil A. Armstrong II.[1][2]


Harry is described as a big, bluff man, with hands the size of a troll's.[2]

The Long War

In 2040, Harry was the chief engineer on the USS Benjamin Franklin.[1]

His tasks involved writting reports to Captain Kauffman about the state of the ship's system and running security and system checks.[3]

The Long Mars

In 2045, Harry was the chief engineer of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II's crew, on his way to Earth West 250,000,000.

At the beginning of their journey, he expressed his concerns about the small Chinese contingency that boarded the Armstrong to Maggie Kauffman, he was especially suspicious of Bill Feng who was always in the engine room. This is the reason why Wu Yue-Sai was tasked to serve as an 'interface' between the Chinese and the Navy.[2]

After a while, Harry formed a friendship with Bill Feng.[4]


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