Ham, a name given to him by his handlers, is a troll who was living at the GapSpace facility with his mother Mary.

The Long War

The GapScape staff tried to test an experimental pressure spacesuit on Ham and wanted him to step into the Gap. Mary, feeling the danger her son was exposed to, tried to protect him but one of her handlers tried to put her to sleep with an electrical metal rod. This resulted with a broken part of the metallic rod shoved into the man's right eye.

The video was uploaded on outernet and was only one of the many cases of troll abuse reported across the Long Earth. Thus leading Sally Linsay to seek Joshua Valienté's help to support the trolls' cause.

Mary and Ham, held captive at the GapSpace facility by Gareth Eames, were rescued by Sally and now-retired MPD officer Monica Jansson who brought them to where the other trolls were hiding, on Earth West 1,617,524.

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