Guinevere Perch is a longtime friend of Sister Agnes, who went to the same covent-school as her.[1]

It is said that, at the peak of her career, she owned extensive properties in Marbella and the Seychelles and also a very expensive Georgian terrace house in central London.


In 2056, now in her nineties, when Nelson Azikiwe visited her, she was described as withered, birdlike, with her hair a tangle and with a beaming smile.[2]

The Long Utopia

After the Yellowstone eruption of 2040 and the bad winter of 2046, Datum London has become a frozen ruin.[2][3]

Guinevere, like a lot of people from the Datum, had to evacuate to a Low Earth footprint of London where she lived alone in a house.[2]

In 2056, she heard through shared friends that Nelson Azikiwe was making inquiries about London's scandalous past. She invited him over and used her influence to help him unravel the mystery about Joshua Valienté's father.


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