The Gold Dust is one of the twains that connect the Datum to Valhalla. Most of its passengers are rich or tourists from the Datum.[1]

Along with passengers, the ship makes several stops during her journey to load cargo like rare minerals from the Mine Belt or various materials like timber from the Corn Belt.


The Gold Dust has an eight-hundred-foot-long envelope with a gondola made of High-Megger polished hardwood. It also possesses a reception hall, a restaurant equipped with a ballroom.

The Long War

It was aboard this twain that the Valientés made their trip from Valhalla to Datum Earth during the events of The Long War.[1]

Notable crew members

Bosun Higgs - Junior crewman

Notable passengers

Joshua Valienté
Helen Valienté
Dan Valienté
Bill Chambers
Sally Linsay


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