Gerry Hemingway, born in Canada, is a Lieutenant in the US Navy travelled aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin and is now the head scientist of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II.[1][2][3]

The Long War

In 2040, Gerry is part of the crew of the USS Benjamin Franklin during the Operation Prodigal Son.[1]

The Long Mars

In 2045, Gerry is a crewmember of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II on its expedition to Earth West 250,000,000.[4]

Aboard the Armstrong II, his expertise is required everytime a scientific explanation is needed like for example to explain the difference between worlds like the Datum or Earths of the Venus belt or what makes the lifeforms of the Bonsai belt so particular. He frequently prepares science package for the twain's crews containing updates on the latest discoveries.[2][3]


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