Gap Mars East 40,000 Plus Change is a Joker world located more than 40,000 steps East of Gap Mars.

This worlds was inhabited by whale-like creatures that lived in the dust of the world, known as "sand-whales", as well as a kind of predatory "sand-crustacean".

This Mars had a thicker atmosphere than most others (which is why it was able to support life), probably because of a recent volcanic eruption. It was warmer than most other Marses, and it's air was oxygenated and contained water vapour.

It had a bruised-purple sky, rather than the usual brown one.[1]

The Long Mars

This world was discovered by Willis Linsay during his Long Mars expedition with Sally Linsay and Frank Wood. This world was the first version of Mars they encountered that contained any animal life.

Willis wanted to confirm his theory that life was present on this world because of a recent volcanic eruption. He proposed that they deploy a probe that would travel to Arabia - a region on the opposite side of the planet - as he believed that this is where the erupted volcano would be located.[1]


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