Gap Mars East 1,500,000 Plus Change is a world located aproxomately 1,500,000 steps East of Gap Mars.

This Mars was home to the sand-whalers (sentient crustaceans who rode on sand-yachts), who hunted the land-dragons (massive, fire-breathing, sauropod-like creatures). The land-dragons were armored, meaning that they must have had true predators that were probably even larger than them, that also lived on this world.

This Mars had a purplish sky.[1]

The Long Mars

This world was discovered by Willis Linsay during his Long Mars expedition with Sally Linsay and Frank Wood, more than 40 days into the trip.

Willis and the others discovered five monoliths on this world, which had inscriptions on them. They couldn't get close enough to them to read them, but the sand-whalers could, and so Willis got them to go and photograph them for him. They did this in exchange for the knowledge of how to make and use Stepper Boxes.[1]


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