Gap Mars is the version of Mars in the universe of Earth West 2,217,644, the west gap. It was more habitable than the Datum Mars was - it wasn't as cold and the air was less thin.

Al Raup describes it as similar to Arizona but at a higher altitude [1]. We later learn from Alexei Krilov, one of the three Russian scientists who live in Marsograd, that it is similar to Datum Earth at an altitude of six miles.[2]

Most of the lifeforms present on this planet comes from Earth lifeforms that travelled through the vacum of space (a phenomenon called panspermia).[2]


Viewed from space, the planet is washed-out pink but oceans, lakes, rivers and the green of life are visible.[1]

The sky was deep blue, apart from the horizon, where it went brown. There were small plants similar to cacti, but without spikes.[3]

The Long Mars

In The Long Mars, we learn from Willis Linsay that this particular iteration of Mars is a Long Mars, meaning you can step there.[1]

Willis Linsay, Sally Linsay and Frank Wood landed on it on March 15, 2045.[3]


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