The Galileo was the spacecraft used by Willis Linsay, Sally Linsay and Frank Wood to travel from the Brick Moon to the Mars of the Gap universe (or Gap Mars).[1]

It can travel from the Brick Moon to Gap Mars in nine or ten weeks.[1]


The ship is described as two tin cans seperated by a long metallic strut, with a flaring rocket at the end of one cylinder and the MEM on the back of the other one.[1]
The spinal strut is adorned with silver spherical fuel tanks containing enough fuel to reach Mars and come back.
The upper cylinder where the MEM is attached is the hab module. The hab module is separated in three levels and contains basic utilities like a toilet and a zero-gravity shower.[2]

The Long Mars

In 2045, during their trip to Mars, Willis Linsay, Sally Linsay and Frank Wood stayed in the hab module, each one of them occupying a seperate level.[2]


The Galileo was named after the Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher and mathematician who lived during the Renaissance.


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