Furballs is the name the residents of New Springfield gave to the little mammals that live in the forests of Earth West 1,217,756, and the neighbouring worlds.[1]

Furballs don't all look the same, but they're all roughly the size of Datum squirrels and feed on insects.[2]

All furballs go hunting at dawn while the cold-blooded creature are still dopy from the night.[3] It is rare to find furballs in the middle of the day.


Some furballs look like miniature kangaroos with strong hind legs while others look like distorted versions of squirrels and opossums.[3]

The Long Utopia

Between 2054 and 2059, the furballs of Earth West 1,217,756 were impacted by the shortening of the day resulting of the little animals coming out of their burrows or holes a the wrong time of the day.[4]


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