A Freeman Dyson Planetary Spin Motor is a massive device used to speed up the spin of a planet.[1]

The Long Utopia

The Silver Beetles built a planetary spin motor around Earth West 1,217,756.[1] The spin of the Earth was accelerated so much that it was ripped apart.[2]


In real life, the theory of a planetary spin motor was thought up by Freeman Dyson and published in a scientific paper in 1966.

He proposed that a planet could be destroyed by accelerating it's rotation about its axis until centrifugal forces become greater than its internal cohesive forces. When the planet's period of rotation dropped to about one hour, it would be ripped apart.

In order to achieve the necessary acceleration of the planet's spin, he suggested wrapping it in a metal grid. This grid would be charged by a powerful electric current, creating an electromagnetic force, which would speed up the rotation of the planet.[3][4]


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