Franklin Tallyman, born in Birmingham, England, is Reboot's blacksmith.[1]

The Long Earth

Franklin trained during four years as an apprentice in Earth West 1.

He was looking for a Company to hire him at a kind of labour market in Richmond West 10 when he was approached by Jack Green and his Company.

After a brief introduction, soon to be followed by a price negociation. Even if his prices seemed too expensive, before the Company's doubtful faces, he decided to join them anyway because he thought they look like a decent bunch.

On Earth West 101,754, after the foundation of Reboot, Franklin, being the only blacksmith, became quickly invaluable. He built a forge and produce iron and steel tools.[2]

Franklin is also a natural stepper but he keeps it a secret for fear of persecution. It still needs the Stepper box to step, to throw the switch and hear the click.

In 2030, when Joshua Valienté and Sally Linsay made a stop at Reboot after their journey across the Long Earth with the Mark Twain in tow, Franklin fixed one of the engines, allowing them the fly the ship to reach Datum Madison.[3][4]

The Long Utopia

It is revealed in The Long Utopia that Franklin comes from a family that possess a high probability to give birth to natural steppers since the name Tallyman appeared in Oswald Hackett's list of family names submitted to the Fund.


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