Four Waters City is a settlement in the middle of the Corn Belt, around Earth West 150,000, in a stepwise Idaho.[1]

It's one of the places Sally Linsay is known to call at from time to time.[2]

Having lots of exotic plants growing on this world, the town's culture is suffused with exotic pharmacology.[2]


In 2040, the town is described as having only one main street and looking like Dodge City without the gunplay and with a Black Corporation mobile communications tower.[1]

It also has a hospital, shared with towns in stepwise worlds, and a sheriff office.[1][2]

The Long War

In 2040, during the Operation Prodigal Son, the USS Benjamin Franklin stopped at Four Waters City.[1]

The town organized a mass lunch for the entire dirigible's fifty-person crew. When walking along the main street guided by the mayor Jacqueline Robinson, Maggie Kauffman sensed that the mayor was nervous.

When asked about the reason of her nervousness, Mayor Robinson told Captain Kauffman about two crimes that were commited in the town.

A week before the Franklin's arrival, nine years old Angela Hartmann was given drugs by a man called Roderick Bacon and ended up in a coma.[3]

Her father found her in her bedroom, vomitting and beat Roderick to death.

Maggie Kauffman passed a verdict about the case and told the town residents to report it to the Datum authorities, then they treated Angela on the Benjamin Franklin before resuming their journey.

The Long Mars

Willis Linsay, through the sheriff of the settlement, got in touch with his daughter to ask her to meet him at the Gap in fall 2044.[2]


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