“First Person Singular is the observer of worlds.”
   — First Person Singular

First Person Singular is a traverser, a kind of colony organism from a stepwise Earth.[1] It is supposed that, there, the unity between the billions cells that swarmed the oceans was never lost. As opposed to our Earth where the cells evolved to the point where they could exist by themselves and started to compete with each other.

First Person Singular was not a typical Traverser.


First Person Singular is described to be around twenty-three miles long and five miles wide.[1] Her surface is slightly white, slightly transparent like inferior glass and has several appendages on the flank that can change in size and shape to form antennas or telescopes.

Inside are animals, fish and even a troll embedded in a gelatinous fluid.[2]

It should be noted that manifestation of First Person Singular as first encountered by Joshua, Lobsang and Sally is a smaller part (or "seed") of the larger creature, which is roughly the size of the Earth's oceans. The twenty-three mile long seed is a smaller part of the original creature which is travelling the long earth in order to achieve its original size on each respective Earth.

The Long Earth

By her very nature, First Person Singular was alone in her world.[2] She didn't realize it before a band of trolls ended in her world. Fascinated, she wanted to make contact with one of the trolls and accidentally killed it by absorbing it. She caught another one and learned to step.

Following the trolls, she headed West to seek other lifeforms and escape loneliness. Her mind has the same effect on trolls (and Joshua Valienté) as a large congregration of humans, thus causing the migration of trolls, elves and the like Eastward.

Lobsang decided to join with her in order to prevent her from reaching Datum Earth and to learn the truth behind the universe.


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