Elves are a species of sapient bipedal primates. They are aggressive, ferocious hunters who have mastered Stepping.[1] In some colonies, they are referred to as Greys, after the old UFO mythology.[2][1]

They are intelligent, and very strong and fast. Some elves ride huge hog-like creatures and attack their prey with stone blades.[3] Other groups use sticks like clubs,[1] or carry long thin double-bladed wooden swords.[4]

They can be found commonly in the High Meggers, and sometimes in the lower Earths. They are generally leery of humans, although they'll attack people who are iscolated or wounded.[1]

There are many subspecies of elf, including kobolds[5] and a breed that Sally Linsay called "lollipops".[1] Elves of this varient possess an outsized cranium containing a brain bigger than a human's.[6]

Because of their large head, it isn't possible for "lollipop" babies to be born through the birth canal. Instead, the child has to Step out of the womb.[6]

Although they have large brains, they aren't particularly intelligent - it is theorised that the phisical size of the brain has yet to be matched by an increase in functional capability.[1]

"Lollipops" are farmed by other types of elves, who eat their brains.[1]


Most elves are smaller than humans, around five feet tall. They are humanoid, skinny and covered in hair, with long tree-climbing arms.[3][6][7] Some elves are described as rust-brown in colour,[3] others orange[2] or yellowish.[1]

Elves have wizened chimp-like faces with big eyes and noses that are flat, like an ape's.[2][3][7]

They wear no clothes[3] and are dirty.[1]

The "lollipop" species have bulging heads. Their eyes are big, slanting, and ape-brown - lacking the whites of a human.[6]

Another variant species are slightly taller than a man - however they look much taller, because of their thinness. They have very wrinkly, greyish skin, Afro-style ash-blond hair, large pointed ears and eyes that glow faint green. They wear short fur tunics.[4]

The Long Earth

In 2030, the elves were one of the species fleeing West to escape the migraines caused by First Person Singular.[7][8]

During the Journey, Joshua Valienté and Lobsang visited a settlement established by the First Heavenly Church of the Cosmic Confidence Trick Victims, on Earth West 139,171. They had been attacked by a group of elves, who had left no survivors.[7]

On the same world, Joshua encountered a band of elves of a different species - these were the type with the oversized cranium. He witnessed a pregnant female give birth.[7]

On an Earth past the end of the Corn Belt, Joshua was attacked by half a dozen elves that were mounted on huge hogs. They were of a simmilar breed to the ones that killed the Cosmic Confidence Trick Victims.[3]

The Long War

In 2040Joshua Valienté and Bill Chambers met with Finn McCool (a kobold) on Earth West 110,719. Joshua and Finn, as well as other kobolds, fought against a group of tall elves here.[4]


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