Earth West 80,000 Plus Change was a Joker world located in the Mine Belt, aproxomately 80,000 steps West of Datum Earth.

For an unknown reason this world was suffering from some kind of global desertification. The landscape was bare, brick-red and dust strewn. The local version of the Mississippi was much smaller than in it's neighbouring worlds. It was described as looking like a "landscape on Mars".[1]

The Long War

Joshua, Helen and Dan Valienté allong with Sally Linsay passed through this world on the Gold Dust, on their way to the Datum. Here they found a wreaked twain, the Pennsylvania. It had been caught in a dust storm when it tried to cross this Earth, and because of the sudden expansion caused by it's hot air, one of it's helium sacs burst.

The Gold Dust dropped anchor and got an improvised elevator working, so that they could go down to the ground, and then back up. The survivors from the Pennsylvania where rescued by the crew as well as volunteers from the Gold Dust, including Joshua Valienté and Sally Linsay. Joshua got himself trapped during this, when he was trying to rescue a stranded passenger. He was lifted out by a cable around his ankle.[1]


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