Earth West 389,413 was an Earth towards the western edge of the Corn Belt. It was slightly drier than most of it's neighbouring worlds, had thinner grasslands and sparser forests.[1]

The Long Utopia

Joshua Valienté came here in the spring of 2058 and found Sally Linsay, after about half a year of looking for her. She was trying to starve five men to death, who she had trapped in a house after smashing their Stepper Boxes. Earlier, they had raided the house, killing the two pioneers who had lived there - a man and pregnant woman - and so she had felt obliged to punish them.

Joshua wanted Sally to come with him to find the version of Lobsang that merged with First Person Singular during the Journey, and so he summoned a US millitary twain to this world to sort out the problem.[1]


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