Earth West 33,157 is a world located in the Ice Belt.

This Earth was described as being a typical Ice Belt world. It was covered with knee-deep snowfields, although there were lakes. The sky was deep blue.[1]

The Long Earth


Rendition of Joshua's first encounter with trolls - Created by DSonla

Joshua Valienté and Lobsang stopped at this world during The Journey, decending near an outcrop of black rock. A single pine had grown on top of it, but had been cut down by scientists from the University of Krakow, who had marked it's growth rings.

They observed a cat-like creature with large fangs hunt an over-armoured waddling beast. There were also huge furry elephants with shovel-shaped tusks here.

It was on this world that Joshua and Lobsang first encounted trolls. They gave Joshua a gift of a salmon, and in exchange he gave them his glass knife.[1]


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