Karakal (Earth West 239,471,211), as named by its inhabitant, Douglas Black (with a few crew-members of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II), had a considerably lower gravity and higher oxygen levels than most Earths, and was flush with life.

There were animals on this world that were tall and graceful, even though they had six-legged bodies. Douglas Black described the world as looking like a Chesley Bonestell painting.[1]

The Long Mars

This Earth was discovered during the West Quarter Billion mission, in 2045. It had characteristics that could possibly make people living there age slower, and so Douglas Black decided to live the rest of his life there, in the hope that Karakal would be his Shangri-La (Karakal is the name of the mountain that towers over Shangri-La in Lost Horizon). A few crew-members of the USS Neil A. Armstrong II also decided to stay here to live.[1]


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