Earth West 139,171 is located in the Corn Belt. It is here that the First Heavenly Church of the Cosmic Confidence Trick Victims established themselves.[1]

This world was warmer than those East of it.[1]


A string of lakes had been cut into the forest on one part of the world, which was possibly a result of a multiple meteorite strike.[1]

The Long Earth

Upon the Journey, Lobsang and Joshua stopped at Earth West 139,171, alerted by a column of smoke and a radio signal from the First Heavenly Church of the Cosmic Confidence Trick Victims. To Joshua's request, they went to see what happened and if they could provide some help.[1]

After investigating the place, all they could find was dead bodies. The whole community has been slaughtered by an unknown ennemy. Joshua went to a temple-like building located on a hillock hoping to find survivors but only found more corpses.[1]

More searching allowed them to have a better picture of what happened: a group of elves, who were stepping westward, found themselves inside the temple in the middle of the morning service surrounded by Humans, panicked and started to fight their way out killing everyone on the way and hunting survivors.[1]

A quarter of a mile west of the community, Joshua encountered a different species of elf, with a large brain and an oversized cranium. One of them was a pregnant female, and Johsua, thinking something was going wrong with the birth, prepared to perform a cesarean on her, to save the baby. But at the last moment the baby stepped out of the womb.[2]


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