Earth West 127,487 is a world located in the Corn Belt, that was suffering from a particularly dry season.[1]

The drought drew an unusually high concentration of animals to the scarce water points, especially horses of all different sizes and breads. There were also animals that looked like cammels, but rebuilt to the design of a giraffe, as well as many other herbivores, and carnivores.[1]


This world had yellowed grass and spindly trees. Rivers had shrivelled in their beds, exposing wide boarders of cracked mud.[1]

The Long Earth

Lobsang and Joshua Valienté stopped at this world during the Journey, in 2030.[1]

They witnessed an animal that looked like a beefy ostrich fire a cannonball-like object out of it's beak, at a creature similar to Datum rhino. Lobsang used a anaesthetic rifle to bring down the bird and discovered that it had a seperate stomach sack that filled up with a mixture of indigestibles, which were mortared together to make a large, hard ball.[1]


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