Earth West 1,520,875 was a High Meggers world near the loosely-defined border between the Valhallan Belt and the Para-Venusian Belt. The Earth had qualities of both belts – the aridity of a Para-Venus, but also clumps of deciduous, water-loving trees, a quality of Valhallan Belt worlds.[1]

The impact that killed the dinosaurs on the Datum did not occur on this world.[2]

Flora and fauna

  • There were trees on this world with big nuts resembling coconuts.
  • There were herds of black bison.
  • There were herds of mammoth-like creatures that had tusks that were shaped into a protective mask over their faces. These creatures' masks reminded Joshua of a Star Wars stormtrooper's mask.
  • There were predatory crocodiles, evolved to run upright on their back legs, that attacked these herds using their long, sickle-shaped front claws.[2]
  • The hares of this world had evolved flaps of skin between their arms and legs, so that they could live as gliders in the trees.
  • Huge featherless pterosaurs ruled the sky. They had beaks as long as a human, full of teeth.
  • Animals similar to mole rats lived in tunnels underground.[3]

The Long Cosmos

Joshua Valienté came to the Montana footprint of this Earth in July 2070 on a sabbatical.[1]

He met a troll that he named Sancho, and when he broke his leg, Sancho and his band took him in and looked after him.[3][4][5] They nursed him back to health with herbal medicine,[6] and Joshua lived with the group for almost a year.[7]


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