“Nice work! Good to see Sister Agnes's care has not softened you up!”
   — Cho-je on Lobsang

Cho-je was Lobsang's sparring partner.[1] He ran boxing school for the Yellowstone orphans in the Low Earths after being dismissed by Lobsang.[2]


Cho-je is described as bald. He is seen wearing an orange jumpsuit the first time Joshua Valienté met him.[1]

The Long Mars

Cho-je was hired by Agnes to provide a perpetual physical challenge to Lobsang because she thinks him too powerful.

He is seen for the first time by Joshua Valienté in 2045, attacking Lobsang, when they were inspecting the ground around Idaho Falls on Datum Earth.

After the showdown between the militaries (represented by the USS Neil A. Armstrong II and the USS Eugene A. Cernan) and the Next, Lobsang asked Agnes to dismiss all his volunteer trainers including Cho-je, who is now believed to run a boxing school for the Yellowstone orphans in the Low Earths.[2]

The Long Utopia

In December 2045, Cho-je was seen in Madison West 5 for Lobsang's funeral.[3]


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