“Yes! You know your history. Schemes that were too expensive, or too risky, to be tried out when the Datum was all we had. Now we can experiment with no harm done. What dreams we have, what ambition! Aren't we Chinese great?”
   — Chen Zhong

Chen Zhong is the captain of the Zheng He.[1]


Zhong is described as being around fifty and being small and stout.[1]

The Long War

In 2040, Zhong is the Captain of the Zheng He, one of the two experimental twains sent on the East Twenty Million mission by the Federated Republic of China.[1]

On July 6th, 2040 they reached Earth East 20,000,000, their destination.[2]

The Long Mars

Chen is seen again around November 2040, meeting up with Maggie Kauffman, over Wichita West 1, Kansas, to discuss about the delivery of vote ballots for the upcoming US presidential elections.

It was agreed that the US Navy will send a small contingency to escort the Zheng He during the duration of the elections while the Chinese will also send a part of their crew to board the USS Neil A. Armstrong II.[3]


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