This tutorial will teach you how to change the sorting of a page.

Initial problem

Let's say you want your pages neatly sorted by alphabetical and numerical order but for some reason wikia doesn't do it because of a numering problem.

On figure 1, we would like Madison West 5 to appear before Madison West 10.

ChangeSorting Before

Figure 1

Changing the sorting

To change the sorting with the "new editor" (as opposed to the classical one), open the Categories section just like in figure 2.


Figure 2

Then enter the text you want wikia to use for the default sorting just like in figure 3.


Figure 3

With the classical editor

With the classical editor, in source mode, the modification we've made looks like this :

ChangeSorting ClassicEditorSource

Figure 4


After saving all the modifications, here is the final result.

ChangeSorting After

Figure 5

As you can see, Madison West 5 is now located before Madison West 10.

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