“We don't allow these creatures on our premises, our homes, our farms. They are unclean.”
   — Brother Geoffrey on Jake the troll and his family

Brother Geoffrey, from New Purity, is a member of the Uncut Brethren.[1]

The Long War

In 2040, the community got attacked by elves and started to open fire to defend themselves. Unfortunately, a band of trolls was caught in the crossfire and got slaughtered along the elves.[1]

The USS Benjamin Franklin was called to New Purity and Maggie Kauffman taught them, with the help of Jake and a troll-call, the difference between elves and trolls and the usefulness of trolls for manual labor or in case of elves attacks.

The residents of New Purity then gave a decent burial to the deceased trolls, next to their own dead.


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