“I, I am st-rrange for beagle. Fo-rrever grow bo-hhred, the same old scents. Same old talk. I hhr-elish stangers and strangeness.”
   — Brian

Brian is a beagle living at the Eye of the Hunter on Earth West 1,617,524.[1]


In 2040, Brian was described as an ageing male with a gloom posture when Sally Linsay and Monica Jansson were first brought in front of Petra.[2]

In 2045, Brian was seen wearing a short kilt and a belt from which tools dangled when the USS Neil A. Armstrong II's crew came to pick up Snowy.[3]

His face doesn't have the obvious projection of a dog muzzle, and is described as flat with a broad nose with black nostrils. He has sharp ears, both laying back against his scalp and eyes wide apart.

One of his forearms looked almost withered and he held it close to his chest.

The Long War

In 2040, the relationship between trolls and humans came to a tipping point.[4] After many incidents and maltreatments from humans, trolls started to leave the Earths with a human presence in it and found refuge on Earth West 1,617,524.

This is why around June 2040, when Sally Linsay and Monica Jansson were looking for the trolls they were captured by Snowy at the Rectangles, another beagle from the Eye of the Hunter.[5]

The captives were brought to Earth West 1,617,524 as a present to their ruler, the Granddaughter Petra.[6] The humans, playing for time, said they could provide the beagles with more ray guns and were spared.

After their audience with Petra, Sally and Monica were brought to one end of the palace with a large communal area with central hearth and small chambers that would serve as their living quarters for the duration of their captivity.[7]

Brian, at the time Petra's adviser, took that opportunity to invite them to have dinner with him and had food that kobolds selected before prepared for them. He told them that he was considered strange for a beagle because his nose follow strange scents and was tolerated by Petra only because that proved himself useful from time to time.

The three of them discussed about the beagles' society, religion and asked questions about various aspects of the human world.

The Long Mars

Brian, being one of the most humanized of the local beagles, is one of the main contacts to the team of human researchers who came to study them after the first contact in 2040.[3]

He is seen at the Eye of the Hunter when Maggie Kauffman came to pick up Snowy.

He possesses a print of "Dogs Playing Poker" that has been given to him as a gift from Sally Linsay since she thought it was a good joke.


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