The Black Corporation was founded at the beginning of the 1990s by Douglas Black and his associates, with the help of money Douglas inherited from his grandfather's oil company.[1]

It began as a computer company, who produced products such as computers with long battery power and fault-free software. With time the Black product line went from strength to strength, and began to innovate significantly. Douglas founded the first serendipital laboratory where he made many discoveries, including "gel" which became the mainstay of the Black Corporation's output.[1]

The Black Corporation was hugely sucessful, causing other componies to greatly lose profit. Douglas became increasingly wealthy and powerful to the point where the US administration decided to interfere, and attempted to militarise Douglas' enterprises. He quickly diversified the products of his company into obviously non-security, non-military applications, such as medicine. The Black Corporation developed prosthetic aids, implants and other products to allow people who were unable to see, hear or move do so.[1]

The corporation created the Mark Twain - the first stepping vehicle - and soon after 2030 Douglas gifted twain technology to the world.[1]

The headquarters of the Black Corporation is in Datum New Jersey. Here, every employee has to wear a earpiece so that Douglas can talk to them individually whenever he wants.[2]

The transEarth Institute is an arm of the Black Corporation, founded by Douglas Black and part-owned by Lobsang.[3]


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