“You folks don't get the Long Earth way of thinking, do you? Here you are, lost as babies. And you're really planning to go all the way up to Valhalla?”
   — Bill Lovell on the group of stranded militaries in the outskirts of Reboot

Bill Lovell used to be a postman until he was fired by the Datum US government.[1][2]

The Long War

In 2028, when the US government decided to impound all the assets of the pioneers living beyond Earth East 20 and Earth West 20, Bill was the one delivered The Letter to every household in Reboot.[2]

Even if he was already fired by the US Mail, he promised to keep on doing his rounds.

Six months later, the residents of Reboot needed to learn fast to live without support from the Datum and to be able to produce everything they needed. Bill, who was then going around selling miniaturized sets of encyclopaedias and copies of Scientific American, helped a lot in that matter.

Around May 2040, Bill was just fishing and was heading back to Reboot when he ran into a group of stranded militaries in the middle of the forest. Their equipment being mistakenly dropped on Earth West 101,752 instead of Earth West 101,754, they had no way to find their way to Reboot by themselves.[3]

Bill led them to the town and showed them around the main street when he ran into Katie Bergreen and asked her if she could led them to her father's house.


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