“It's those darn silver beetles. That's obvious enough.”
   — Angie Clayton on the weird phenomenons happening in Earth West 1,217,756

Angie Clayton was of the residents of New Springfield on Earth West 1,217,756.[1]

The Long Utopia

In April 2052, Nikos Irwin was sent to the old Poulson house, to find some shoes for the baby she was pregnant with.[1]

Being a single mother, she raised her son Nell with the help of the New Springfield community and babysat for the Abrahamses from time to time.[2]

In 2058, the Claytons were present at the town meeting where they finally started to understand what was happening to their world.[3]

In 2059, by the time Earth West 1,217,756 was destroyed because of the silver beetles's tinkering, the Claytons were long gone.[4]


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