“You're not going anywhere, you little prick. Not with my dough in your back pocket.”
   — Alexei on Stan Berg

Alexei was a stalk jack working in on the space elevator construction site in Miami West 4.[1]

The Long Utopia

In 2056, Alexei was playing poker with other construction workers and sixteen year-old Stan Berg.[1]

To his frustration, Stan won almost every hand and he saw his pile of chips sink before him and ending in Stan's back pocket. When Rocky, Stan's friend, urged Stan to go and cash in his chips, Alexei grabbed Stan arm to prevent him from leaving and accused him of cheating.

Marvin, the dealer, tried to calm down the situation by saying that Stan was no cheat. Despite of that, Alexei was still fuming.

Stan got away when their game was interrupted by someone shouting that some people got hold of a kobold and everyone stood up to see what the fuss was about.


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