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• 3/29/2016


I added a "Youmay" template to the wiki, as well as a "Out of universe" one (Template:Youmay, Template:Out of universe). What do you think? They're based off templates from other wikias.

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• 3/29/2016

Yes. I've seen that. Nice work :)

Funny that you got them from Wookiepedia, I was browing it this weekend as well because I've started watching "Star Wars Rebels" recently and thought "They do have some cool templates".

There's one with Yoda, prompting people to expand some sections of the article but can't find it.

I also like how they have several quotes per page concerning different parts of the page.

Exemple :

Also cool to be able to access the "source" of a template by cliking the "[source]" link at the bottom of the template. I'll try to do that on ours.

• 3/30/2016

Cool! It would be neat to include Long Earth quotes on templates (like the Yoda one you mentioned).

Btw is "Rebels" good? I haven't seen that or "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Been thinking about getting into them for a while, haha :)

• 4/1/2016

Found the Yoda template today :

About Rebels : started watching it because I saw the trailer for the mid-season finale for season 2 recently and they announced there would be a link with the Supreme Leader Snoke.

Thought it was ok at first and it is obviously made for kids. But then you get attached to the characters and want to know more. And by the time I reached the final three episodes of the first season I was like : "Wow! That's everything I want from a star wars". Better : you meet some characters from the movies like Lando Calrissian, Senator Organa, etc...

And the cliffhanger for the last episode of the first season will leave you expecting for more :D

That's the video that convinced me to give it a try :

• 4/4/2016

Cool, I'll have a watch sometime! :)

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