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Smith 6
• 12/11/2015

The Long Cosmos

Just noticed something in The Long Cosmos' blurb, at the end of the last sentence -

"It's impact will be  felt by and resonate with all - mankind and other species, young and old, communities and individuals - who inhabit the Long Earths..."

It says "the Long Earths", rather than "the Long Earth"! 

You know in The Long Mars, when Frank, Sally and Willis are on Gap Mars East 1 and they look up at the earth in that universe, and it's not Gap East 1? Wouldn't that earth that they see be in a different chain of Earths to our Long Earth? Meaning that it would be in a seperate Long Earth, and that there are multiple!

Is that what the blurb is talking about? What do you guys think? Had you noticed this already?

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Smith 6
• 7/17/2016

Didn't notice any errors so far but I could be mistaken.

I think the Traverser belt starts earlier and is located around Earth West 175,000,000. I don't have The Long Utopia with me right now but I think it's more explained when Joshua and Sally go to look for Lobsang (around chapter 33 I think).

• 7/18/2016
Map Updated

Yep, found it and you're right - it's around 175,000,000, not begining there.

Cut out the East side of that map, since it wasn't being used. More space for the worlds on the West side of the spectrum.

For the belts I tried using the colours of the belt symbols to have some continuity though the wiki (see the pic). I'm not sure the colours match...or does that not matter so much do you think?

Also added the Tethys. Made it dark green because we don't have symbol yet.

• 7/18/2016

What if we use the symbols in the big belts? Could look good no?

You could put the symbols in the grey central area where there's "DATUM EARTH TO EARTH...".

• 7/30/2016
Map Updated 2
Not 100% sure what you mean, but I added the belt symbols onto the map. Put them around the outside because when I tried in the middle, some of them got in the way of the writing.

Made the map thicker, so that the centre space is smaller.

I think I'm done? I might make a new map as well - one for the ice belt. There are quite a few worlds that would go on it, and I've realised we know quite a lot about what areas are interglacial/ice aged (especially from The Long Cosmos), so I could put that on it too.

Also, when we make the page for West 1,520,875 (the world Joshua takes his sabbatical on in TLC), will it be considered valhallan, para-venusian or both? In chapter 10 it says that he was on the border between the two (so both?). According to the numbers given about the Valhallan belt, it's within its limits (so Valhallan?). And later in TLC, chapter 24, it's refered to as a "para-venus" (so para-venus??). What do you think?

• 8/5/2016

Nice work! I like it. In retrospect, I can see how the Ice Belt symbol can overlap with the text.

From what I recall from West 1,520,875, I guess it's considered a para-venusian world. I'd have to re-read that part :)

• 8/7/2016

Put the map up! Special:Maps/21820

I had a bit of trouble uploading it (saw on community central that others have had the same problem - apparanlty Wikia doesn't support the maps feature anymore, so bugs aren't being fixed) but got it to work in the end.

We can customise the pins so I might do that next ;)

• 8/9/2016

Customising the pins sounds like a blast! :D

We could use the small images I've created for the main page for pins about locations, Earths, characters, etc... So many possibilities!

• 8/14/2016

Tried out some pins. Used part of your planets button image as the Earth pin :)

• 8/15/2016

Checked out the map and it looks good! Well done!

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