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• 10/21/2018

Stepping limitations?

Having just finished book 3, I'm puzzled by what goes with a stepper when they step and what doesn't. Clothes and anything or anyone carried (so this is somehow constrained by footwear?) seems to be given. So if the stepper is in a building, say, the building doesn't go with. Twains step because they are sentient beings in and of themselves - but how come the gliders and the Prince's sand-yacht step? What are the parameters of 'what gets stepped'?

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• 7/26/2018

Iron compounds

I'm only reading the first book at present but I see that iron compounds such as haemoglobin are given a pass when stepping. So why don't we see pioneers carrying sacks of iron oxide, or even iron nitride for the rich and lazy, to get a headstart on iron tools?
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• 10/7/2017
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• 7/7/2018

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• 4/19/2017

Lego USS Benjamin Franklin

Hi guys!
How is it going?
Just wanted to share this modelisation of the USS Benjamin Franklin I did using Lego Digital Desginer :
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• 8/31/2016

The High Meggas

Hey, guess what!
I just got my hands on a copy of A Blink of the Screen - Pratchett's collection that includes The High Meggas! Read it a couple of times, it's very interesting to compare to The Long Earth series.
I thought I could put some pages about it up on the wiki. The problem is that the universe of The High Meggas is very different to that of The Long Earth. 
We need something to distinguish them. I think template (similar to the one we have for fanfics) would be good?
Another part of that problem is that in The High Meggas there is a character called Joshua Valienté - however, he definitely isn't the same Joshua as in The Long Earth. So should I call the page about him "Joshua Valienté (The High Meggas)"? That's how wikipedia handles pages with the same name, I think that's okay?
What do you think?
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• 6/16/2016

Categories for families

Pretty excited about The Long Cosmos! Can't wait to get a copy haha!
Was thinking about how we don't have pages to link family names to, when they're written on pages. For example "The Greens stepped to Earth West 101,754."
We could make category page called "Greens", and put all the members of the family in it. Then have a redirect page, also called "Greens", that takes you to it. (Checked it out and yes, you can redirect to category pages.)
Just tried it out, using the Greens as an example. What do you think?
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• 5/20/2016


I'm struggling with this one : in your opinion, Widdershins = West?
Would make sense since in Western culture, we write and read from left to right so it would be logical that West = Widdershins = Dexter.
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• 5/15/2016

The Gap

I looked around again recently, and I'm really almost certain that the Gap isn't Earth West 2,217,644 - maybe the person who changed the title of the page made a mistake? It's always refered to as "around two million worlds West of the Datum".
And the same guy made "The East Gap" page, stating that it was located a similar distance from Datum Earth (one step out) as the West Gap. I've checked, and the only two chapters that mention the East Gap (41 and 54 of TLW) don't mention the "one out" thing, only that they're similar distance.
So, if we want to change the name, what should it be called? "Earth West 2,000,000 Plus Change (The Gap)"? And change the GapSpace earth to "Earth West 2,000,000 Plus Change (Gap East 1)"?
Or change "Earth West 2,217,644 (The Gap)" to just "The Gap"?
What do you think?
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• 3/29/2016


I added a "Youmay" template to the wiki, as well as a "Out of universe" one (Template:Youmay, Template:Out of universe). What do you think? They're based off templates from other wikias.
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• 2/19/2016


You guys have seen "Deadpool"?
Saw it a couple of days ago and a scene made me think of the Long Earth.

Made me laugh when Deadpool, who has been cuffed by Colossus to be brought to Professor X, was being dragged by the hand decided to cut it and Colossus ended up with Deadpool's limp hand flipping him the bird cuffed to his wrist.
Reminded me of Joshua leaving the same kind of souvenir for Petra :)
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• 1/17/2016

The Long Earth I : The Long Earth VS The Long Earth (Phenomenon)

Hi people!
I recenly added an article explaining what the Long Earth - the chain of parallel worlds - is, and called it "The Long Earth (Phenomenon)". I mainly made it because the Long Earth is mentioned on a heap of pages, but we never had a page to link it to.
The problem I came across was that we sometimes want the phrase "The Long Earth" to link to "The Long Earth (Phenomenon)", but also sometimes to "The Long Earth I : The Long Earth".
My solution was to make a page called "Long Earth", which redirects to "The Long Earth (Phenomenon)".
In the sentence "The Long Earth is a novel written by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett", we want "The Long Earth" to link to "The Long Earth I : The Long Earth" page. So as usual, we do the following:
The Long Earth is a novel written by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett.
However in the sentence "The Long Earth is a chain of parallel versions of the planet Earth", we want "The Long Earth" to redirect to "The Long Earth (Phenomenon) page. So, instead, we do the following:
The Long Earth is a chain of parallel versions of the planet Earth.
Does that make sense? That was the simplest solution I could come up with, if you guys have a better one please tell me! :D
We could also use this method for a "The Long Mars (Phenomenon)" page.
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• 12/28/2015

Updating the templates

Wikia has been pushing a bit to update the templates to be more portable. Have been doing that for a couple and turns out the new versions don't show the awful "{{image}}" when no image is used.
In short, it means we don't need the "WithoutImage" versions of the templates. But the thing is : 162 pages uses "CharactersWithoutImage".
It might take a while but the goal is to make all those pages use the "Character template" instead of "CharactersWithoutImage" so don't be surprised if something is amiss.
If you're curious, here's the list of all the pages that uses the template :
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• 12/25/2015

Merry Christmas!

Wanted to wish you guys a Merry Chrismas! Have good times celebrating with your family (or friends depending on which part of the world you live in) and your loved ones!
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• 12/23/2015

Snowy - Need advice

I tried to make a sketch of Snowy according to the description in Chapter 48 of The Long War and wanted your advice.

Sketch of Snowy. Is it close to the way your pictured Snowy? I'm hesitating between ears where they are on a human skull or on top of the head like a wolf. In the books it says that the face looks sometimes human and sometimes wolf-like depending on the angle (like a hologram)  so I wanted to give him the more human features possible.
As for me, I think to chest is too slender. Snowy is described as heavily muscled so I'll have to redo a new sketch anyway.
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• 12/13/2015


I don't know if you guys are familiar with the movie Hot Shots 2 but everytime I try to imagine a beagle, I think of Saddam Hussein from the movie :
Dog Saddam
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• 12/11/2015

The Long Cosmos

Just noticed something in The Long Cosmos' blurb, at the end of the last sentence -
"It's impact will be  felt by and resonate with all - mankind and other species, young and old, communities and individuals - who inhabit the Long Earths..."
It says "the Long Earths", rather than "the Long Earth"! 
You know in The Long Mars, when Frank, Sally and Willis are on Gap Mars East 1 and they look up at the earth in that universe, and it's not Gap East 1? Wouldn't that earth that they see be in a different chain of Earths to our Long Earth? Meaning that it would be in a seperate Long Earth, and that there are multiple!
Is that what the blurb is talking about? What do you guys think? Had you noticed this already?
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• 12/10/2015

Ice Belt Category

Technically all the low earths are in the Ice Belt. Should we add the "Ice Belt" category to all of those earths?
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• 12/9/2015

New template : Planets

Hi guys!
Wanted to do this for a while because, let's face it, infoboxes are quite convenient so I created the a new template for the Planets (maybe you've already seen the Cities template as well?).
Here's an page where the template has been added : Earth West 182,498,761
Question : what information would you like to see displayed in the template?
I personnally wanted to add a Joker/Diamond field but didn't find a way to display it that I found satisfying.
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• 11/9/2015

"Appearances" and "Mentionned"

After a while of asking myself how to deal with those sections, decided that if a character/twain/etc... appears in one of the books, no need to put that he/it was mentionned in the same book.
As to "appear" : to me it means we see the character into action, rather than have someone else tell his story.
Exemple :  Raymond Hartmann is mentionned in The Long War but we don't actually "see" him even if we know he's not far from our characters.
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